5 Ways a Chiropractor Can Help With Fixing Bad Posture  

A poor setup at your workstation or how you stand can contribute to bad posture. It can greatly affect your mood and health. It is therefore important to practice good posture. Good posture improves your self-confidence, mood, and health. It keeps your internal organs healthy and helps fight the signs of aging.


It is hard to fix bad posture because it is a subconscious habit. However, chiropractic care has techniques and methods that can help you improve your posture. It will also help you maintain good posture and improve your mood and health.


How Do Chiropractors Help?


Your chiropractor will take you through a process that will result in improving your posture. They will then help you maintain that posture and work on it until you have good posture. They will do this by:


Getting Your History


The chiropractor needs to know the extent of your bad posture. They will thus interview you to know your history. They will ask about your daily activities, whether you exercise, and what you do at work. It helps them know where to start, making their work more efficient. They can also point out the root cause of your pain or bad posture.


They will also ask about any injuries or medications you may be taking. It will help them get to know your medical history. Your medical history is significant because old injuries may be the cause of bad posture. It also informs on the technique to use. Some chiropractic techniques can cause more harm than good, so it is important to be cautious.


Observation of Posture


At this point, the chiropractor will use their eyes and hands to examine you. They will stand behind you and look at your body structure. They will then move to your sides and take note of any lack of symmetry.


They will also check for imbalance in your posture. These include how you place your shoulders when you are standing or if you tilt your pelvis. An imbalance in your posture can cause serious issues to your central nervous system. They will then use their hands to check the alignment of your spine and feel for weak or tight muscles.


Making Chiropractic Adjustments


The chiropractor will start by adjusting your shoulders. It involves slow and gentle movements that may cause minimal discomfort. These movements will get rid of any hunch in your shoulders and increase your range of movement.


Although chiropractic adjustments come with popping and cracking sounds, there is no breaking of bones. The sounds are just from the release of pressure in the muscles and bones.


Working on Muscles


Alignment of muscles and toning is as important as working on bones in fixing bad posture. Some muscles may lose tone due to injury or lack of use. These muscles need strengthening while tight muscles need release of tension. The tension pulls on the spine and causes it to curve. Chiropractic care balances these muscles and corrects bad posture.




Your chiropractor will set a routine for you that will involve exercises and stretches. It will help you continue with your rehabilitation even at home and in between your follow-up appointments. Regular chiropractic care and keeping to the routine set by your chiropractor will help you rehabilitate. Your posture will also improve, and you will be able to maintain it.

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