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About Whiplash Pain Center in Charleston, Summerville, Holly Hill, and Walterboro SC

​​​​​​​Whiplash Pain Center provides the highest quality, compassionate chiropractic care to ensure that your family enjoys a long, happy, and healthy life.

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Whiplash Pain Center serves Charleston, Summerville, Holly Hill, and Walterboro SC, and the surrounding area to provide an exceptional level of care. We use natural treatments and have a well-trained staff that is truly happy to assist you in reducing your pain and recovering from whatever ails you.

Meet Our Staff

Our chiropractor, Dr. Alykhan Shariff, utilizes natural techniques to improve both health and wellness. Dr. Shariff targets the root of the problem and reduces pain and discomfort in the back, neck, or other areas of the musculoskeletal system. The chiropractor at Whiplash Pain Center takes a whole-person approach to chiropractic care, which means Dr. Shariff discovers possible causes of your condition and finds ways to actually treat the issue rather than just masking the symptoms. A whole-person approach oftentimes means the chiropractor will use more than one treatment to ease your pain and discomfort from all angles. Our chiropractor crafts an individual plan for each patient, so you're more than just another nameless face who enters our office. All members of our team work together to optimize your chiropractic experience.

Services We Offer

We help patients who've suffered personal injuries such as slips, falls, or even sports-related injuries. Many of the patients we see have suffered from a car accident. We treat those who suffer from chronic conditions as well. We also help those who want to improve their sports performance by stretching the muscles and increasing flexibility,

Our chiropractor may perform a spinal alignment, also known as a spinal adjustment. This particular treatment consists of our chiropractor using his hands to move the vertebrae in the back, so they realign with the discs. This relieves pressure and irritation on the surrounding nerves and tissue. It also enhances your circulation, among other benefits.

Spinal decompression consists of our chiropractor using a traction table to gently stretch your spine and relieve pressure on your discs. We may also use massage therapy to relax the soft tissue and stimulate circulation to the area in an effort to promote healing.

Visit Whiplash Pain Center Care to Relieve Your Symptoms

Schedule an appointment with Whiplash Pain Center, serving Charleston, Walterboro, Summerville, and Holly Hill SC, and the surrounding area, to experience what our chiropractor has to offer you. Call us today at (843) 350-5022 (Charleston), (843) 371-1371 (Summerville), or (803) 496-3338 (Holly Hill).

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