Benefit of a chiropractic adjustment

Whiplash Pain Center Discusses the Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustment

When the spine is out of alignment, simple actions become more difficult and stresses occur in the body that can lead to discomfort and dysfunction. Spinal adjustments done by a chiropractor can bring the spine, bones, and muscles back into proper alignment. At Whiplash Pain Center in Charleston, SC, Dr. Shariff offers spinal adjustments as a part of their wide range of techniques to improve your physical function and enhance your well-being.

Relief from Back Pain

Spinal adjustments relieve the pressure on spinal vertebrae and related muscles and nerves to remedy back pain caused by overuse, injury, or degenerative problems.

Headache Relief

Adjustment of the spine allows better function throughout the spinal structure, which can help to relieve pressure in the upper back and neck that causes frequent headaches.

Better Joint Function

When the spine is functioning as it should be, the rest of the body is able to move efficiently for everyday actions.

Lower Blood Pressure

Chiropractic adjustments have also been found to lower blood pressure by relieving pressure in the upper spine. This focused adjustment can work as well as medications to lower blood pressure.

Stronger Immune System Function

Research shows that individuals who have spinal adjustments enjoy better immune system function, experiencing fewer colds and other infections. Spinal adjustments allow the nervous system to operate more efficiently, which results in better function throughout the body, including the immune system.

Make Whiplash Pain Center Your Chiropractor in Charleston SC

Dr. Shariff uses his extensive training in chiropractic methods to help their patients in Charleston, SC, and nearby communities achieve greater comfort and more efficient movement. We provide help for a variety of conditions, including lower back pain, sciatica, auto accident injuries, whiplash, and sports injuries. Call Whiplash Pain Center today at (843) 350-5022 for an appointment with Dr. Shariff to enjoy the health benefits of spinal care.

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