Benefits of Laser Therapy

Research published in the Muscle, Ligaments and Tendons Journal has reported that over a million people suffer from whiplash each year in the United States. Your chiropractor may advise laser therapy to treat your whiplash.


What Is Laser Therapy?


Laser therapy is as simple as it sounds. You do not need medicines, nor any surgery to treat your whiplash. Your chiropractor may use light beams that would penetrate your muscles and tissues. This light beam is directed on the painful spots using a wand. Lasers with a low frequency are then pulsed through your muscles to render you free of pain.


Are There Any Benefits of Laser Therapy?


Many researchers have worked on laser therapy. It has been shown that the benefits of laser therapy are multifold. Not only is it fast and effective, but it can also save you from suffering in pain for long.


No Incisions, No Scars


Laser therapy does not use any incisions on your body. So, no need to worry about the possibility of any marks following treatment. Laser therapy would essentially use a wand to heal your painful muscles and tissues. No incisions are made on the body of the patient for laser therapy.


Not Bound to Time of Accident


If your neck started hurting a while ago, laser therapy can help you get out of the pain. If you have been in pain for a long time, laser therapy has you covered. Be assured that laser therapy would treat any new and old injuries.


It can be used as soon as you notice the first signs of whiplash or right after the accident. If you have tried multiple treatments and still suffer in pain, laser therapy is the solution. It can heal injuries as old as 10 years.


It Does Not Hurt


Medical procedures can be painful sometimes. But when you talk about laser therapy, there is no pain. You will feel a sensation. This soon turns into a relaxing experience as you go through laser therapy. It is similar to a massage ball running on your body. That warm, soothing sensation reducing your pain is yet another benefit of laser therapy.


Few Sessions Are All You Need


Laser therapy is not a time-consuming procedure. You can visit your chiropractor during your lunch break or after sending your children to school. It takes 10 minutes to undergo a laser therapy session. Now, you can spare that much from your day to heal that pain in your neck.


Laser therapy is known to provide benefits in a few sessions. So, if you were worried about many sessions, fear not because laser therapy will alleviate your pain in a few visits.


The Versatility of Laser Therapy


Laser therapy is a versatile treatment option. Your chiropractor will adjust the intensity of the laser beam according to your pain. Different laser heads may also be used to match the exact spot where your whiplash hurts.


Laser Therapy Near You


At the Whiplash Pain Center, we are determined to provide the best treatment for your whiplash. We are in Summerville, South Carolina, and Charleston, South Carolina, to help you with whiplash.


Learn more about the benefits of laser therapy, contact Whiplash Pain Center in Summerville at (843) 287-9050 or Charleston, SC at (843) 972-7246.

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