Tips From an Experienced Charleston Chiropractor: Recovering From a Whiplash

The idea of spinal manipulation to cure diseases has existed for thousands of years but only became mainstream a little over 100 years ago. This medical discipline has become one of the most effective forms of alternative medicine today. Chiropractic care has evolved in many ways to offer relief and solutions for millions of people. It is especially effective in issues or conditions related to the musculoskeletal structure. 

Whiplash is a common musculoskeletal condition affecting an individual's quality of life, and the best treatment is chiropractic care. 


How Is Whiplash Diagnosed?


During your initial consultation, the doctor will ask several questions to determine when you got the injury. The questions help the doctor determine how much force was involved and the possible impact. The doctor will also ask about your symptoms, their severity, and if any specific movement worsens them. They will also want to know how limiting the symptoms are to your daily activities. 




The chiropractor will then examine the impact of the injury on your neck and shoulders. They will ask you to move your head, arms, and neck to ensure there are not any other underlying causes. They may ask you to make a few movements or perform some tasks. 


Tips for Recovery




The first and most obvious tip for any injury that you may have to observe is to rest, especially immediately after the injury. Rest allows your body to perform critical healing processes that help with tissue repair. However, too much rest can become counterproductive, as extensive immobilization weakens neck muscles. 


Hot and Cold Packs


Hot and cold compresses can help with reducing the level of inflammation in the neck tissues and minimize pain. You can apply a hot or cold compress every three hours for fifteen minutes. When using ice packs, wrap them with a piece of cloth before touching your bare skin.




When you visit a chiropractor, they will perform various adjustments to help your cervical spine recover. They will likely recommend specific exercises for you to do at home. These exercises usually improve the range of motion and help you resume regular daily activity. They may recommend taking a hot shower or using a warm compress on the area before the exercises. 

The doctor may tell you to:

  • Rotate your neck on both sides

  • Tilt your head several times from side to side

  • Bend your neck down to your chest and then straighten up

  • Roll your shoulders


Neck Support


The doctor may recommend using neck support if the pain is too severe. Neck support will help keep your head up and relieve any strain you may experience during the day. A neck support may be a brace or a collar holding your neck still. However, experts recommend having it on for up to 72 hours.

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