Treating Work-related Injuries With Chiropractic Adjustments

Working is necessary, but it can also be fun. Sometimes, it can be dangerous. Many people are involved in work-related accidents and get injuries every day. Many individuals assume the only treatment they can get is from a surgeon or local physician. While these healthcare professionals are worth their weight in experience, competence, and knowledge, they are not the only option. Sometimes, they are not even the best option.

Chiropractic care is growing in popularity and respect as more and more research and studies are done to prove its effectiveness. It mainly impacts patients with joint, spinal, and muscle issues and injuries. When you have a work-related injury, you can set up a consultation with a chiropractor to see if you qualify for treatment. 


What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a branch of medicine that deals with restoring musculoskeletal alignment. The main idea behind the therapy is that an aligned body will usually heal itself. It utilizes different techniques, movements, and forces to realign the spine and joints. You can get the treatment if you are dealing with muscle pain, limited mobility, and inflammation.

Chiropractors do not treat the symptoms of a condition. Instead, they find the source of the symptom through a comprehensive diagnostic process. They then develop customized holistic treatment plans to fit each patient’s needs. They also work to ensure you stay healthy for long. 


Common Work-related Injuries

Repetitive Motion Injuries

When working, you will often find that you use the same muscle groups repeatedly. While it may seem harmless, continuous use without rest or poor form leads to injury. You can get these injuries from lifting boxes, typing on your computer, or chopping food. All normal-looking activities, right? It looks so, but tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome can come from these activities. 

Tripping or Falling

A prevalent cause of injuries in workplaces is tripping or falling. While naturally clumsy people are at a higher risk, anyone can trip or fall. Falling from heights can lead to broken bones, dislocated joints, or overstretched muscles. You may also stumble on a wet floor and strain your foot or hand when you reach for support. 

Walking Into or Being Hit by Objects

Another common injury, especially in warehouses or offices with high shelves, is walking into or being hit by falling objects. You can easily get hand, foot, neck, or head injuries. While some require a hospital, others are best treated by a chiropractor. 


Another common injury that can happen is overexertion. Repetitive motion injuries occur from the continuous use of your muscles. However, these usually lead to burnout, strained muscles, and sometimes chronic pain. 


Chiropractic Treatment for Work-related Injuries

Chiropractors work to restore the health of your joints and muscles through adjustments. Through adjustments, they can improve mobility and flexibility. The treatment improves your core muscles, posture, and form strength. 

They will develop a diet and exercise regimen that you can do to improve the effectiveness of the treatments. They will advise you on maintaining your health while working and preventing injury.

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