Understanding Laser Therapy for Pain Management

Dealing with chronic pain can be overwhelming, but an innovative treatment strategy can eliminate your symptoms and leave you feeling better, faster. Class IV laser therapy can shut off the pain triggers to your brain, helping your body better deal with the underlying issues to get you back to full health.

What is Class IV Laser Therapy?

Class IV laser therapy is a noninvasive pain treatment technique that is cleared by the FDA for reducing inflammation. The treatment works by creating an intense beam of light that is all at one wavelength, called a coherent wavelength. This means that all the photos are synchronized together, which intensifies the impacts for treatment. Unlike regular hot lasers, Advanced Spinal Care class IV laser therapy lasers give off 99 percent less energy without compromising the benefits for your health.

Class IV laser treatment at Advanced Spinal Care works by stimulating your body’s healing mechanisms through the promotion of cellular activity. During the procedure, your skin is pierced several centimeters by a warm laser that works to reduce inflammation and hasten the restoration process of each cell.

Each treatment takes just five to ten minutes and puts your body in a healing state that reduces inflammation for 24 hours or more. In this way, the treatment stimulates the necessary organs and nerve supply to create pain relief. In most cases, patients notice improvements after five or fewer treatments, and many feel better after just one treatment.

Why Should You Consider Class IV Laser Therapy?

Thanks to how safe the procedure is, class IV laser therapy is a beneficial treatment for any part of the body and can be used for numerous chronic health problems, including headaches, strains, sprains and healing after surgery. This makes it one of the most successful noninvasive treatment options for finding immediate relief from muscle spasms, pain in the knees, feet, elbows, wrists or back.

Best of all, new evidence is revealing that treating damaged tissue with laser therapy helps it become stronger after recovery than it would be without the treatment. For this reason and because of its minimal recovery time, Charleston’s athletes can especially benefit from class IV laser therapy at Advanced Spinal Care.

Experience Class IV Laser Therapy at Advanced Spinal Care

Experience quick pain relief and help your body heal itself by trying class IV laser treatment today. Advanced Spinal Care in Charleston is ready to help you get there. You can book a consultation today to learn about how laser therapy can work for you.

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