Dr. Shariff is a member of Pro Sports Care Team

PRLog - Nov. 10, 2014 - CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Dr. Alykhan Shariff, a Charleston Chiropractor is now a member of the Professional Sports Care (PSC) team and an Official Chiropractic provider for the PGA Tour and Champions Tour.

Dr. Shariff, owner of Whiplash Pain Center in Charleston, South Carolina has completed the Clinical Golf Program run by PSC and has the tools to evaluate spinal biomechanics, treating and rehabilitating injuries whether it be acute or chronic, helping golfers become more mobile yet stable to increase energy transfer from themselves to the ball.,

PSC is a chiropractic sports medicine organization founded by Dr. Tom LaFountain to provide professional golfers and professional golf programs highly trained and experienced chiropractic physicians for their services. The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) tour has utilized Dr. LaFountain’s services on a regular basis since 1997. At Dr. LaFountain’s request, the PGA Tour granted an expansion of his staff beginning in 1999. Today, Professional Sports Care (PSC) utilizes chiropractic physicians throughout the United States and Hawaii to provide services at all 49 PGA Tour Events and 27 Champions Tour Events, including Q-school.

All chiropractors chosen by Professional Sports Care (PSC) to provide services to PGA Tour players are licensed, certified in the most advanced techniques of evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation, secured with malpractice insurance, and have the highest levels of sports chiropractic experience. Consequently, all PGA golfers receive the advanced quality sports care that is crucial to their performance, given by chiropractors who possess the experience and understanding to efficiently evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate their conditions.

Due to the length of the golfer’s season and the frequency of their tournament demands, this responsibility is one of the utmost significance for the success of a golfer’s performance. The long-standing relationship that Professional Sports Care (PSC) has had with the PGA Tour reflects the quality of chiropractic services provided to PGA Tour players and the successful fulfillment of our responsibility to the PGA Tour.

Dr. Shariff evaluates golfers from the weekend warrior to PGA professionals. Call our office for more details. (843) 350-5022
Dr. Alykhan Shariff

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