Back Pain And The Great Outdoors

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Back Pain and the Great Outdoors

Charleston and Summerville, SC – As the weather cools off and the fall foliage begins its autumnal display, many weekend warriors will set off for the mountains to spend some time hiking and camping in the great outdoors. While a few days in the woods can be very relaxing, it can also pose a significant risk to your health and well-being. From insect bites and poison ivy to sprains, bumps, and bruises, a few days of hiking can have lingering effects even after you leave the woods behind.

An experienced outdoor enthusiast would never dream of venturing off for a long weekend without packing a basic first aid kit, yet many veteran backpackers fail to properly take care of their bodies upon returning home. A few days of lugging around a heavy pack can take a serious toll on your body, specifically your neck and back, but there are a few precautions you can take to make your hike a pleasurable one. When wearing a pack, always keep your head back and lead with your chest. This will help to take the pressure off of your neck. Also, adjust the pack’s fit so that it places more weight on your hips as opposed to your shoulders. This will help take the pressure off of your back. Both before and after a hiking trip, it is a good idea to visit a chiropractor to make sure that your body is adequately prepared for the hike and to help alleviate any aches and pains that you might bring home with you.

Chiropractors specialize in maximizing nervous system and musculoskeletal performance, injury prevention, and self-healing of the body if and when injuries occur. While carrying a heavy pack is never good for your back, a doctor of chiropractic can help you prepare for the added strain that comes with backpacking. A chiropractor can also help get you back in working order after a few hard days on the trail. So the next time you head out for a weekend hike, remember to pack plenty of insect repellant and schedule a visit with your chiropractor.

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