Summer Time Sports And Back Injuries

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​​​​​​​Summer Time Sports and Back Injuries

Charleston and Summerville, SC – With summer in full swing, many people are heading off to the beach or out to the lake looking for ways to beat the mid-summer heat. Whether you enjoy water-skiing out on the lake or catching a wave in the ocean, summertime sports are a fun way to pass a lazy summer afternoon. Unfortunately, summertime sports are also a good way to land in the emergency room with a broken arm or a sprained ankle. Whether you’re wakeboarding, water-skiing, surfing, riding a jet-ski, or just sitting in a motorboat, summertime sports can pose a significant risk to your back and spine.

When wiping out during water sports such as water-skiing, surfing, and wakeboarding, the body can be twisted and turned in ways it is unaccustomed to and many times the back is the first thing to get hurt. There are precautions you can take to prevent serious injury such as asking the driver of the boat to slow down or waiting until the ocean is calm before attempting to hang ten, but injuries are a fact of life when it comes to extreme sports. Even if you are only a passenger in a boat, injuries can still occur. When riding in a boat, it is best to sit up straight and face forward so the bouncing of the boat does not contort your back. If after a day on the lake or out in the ocean you do find yourself suffering from back or joint pain, your local chiropractor can help you get back up to speed.

Chiropractors specialize in maximizing nervous system and musculoskeletal performance, injury prevention, and self-healing of the body if and when injuries occur. While it might not be possible to prevent all injuries associated with summertime sports, chiropractic care is a valuable tool in the treatment of these types of injuries.

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